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Manage operational risks and embed compliance guidelines into the investment process.

Overcome challenges

Proactively monitor portfolio- and firm-wide risks at scale

Actively identifying and mitigating portfolio risk is difficult without clear visibility into breaches, particularly when:

  • Compliance is not embedded into the front-office investment process.
  • Visibility into active and passive investment breaches is limited. 
  • Target rules need to be maintained across all systems

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IMTC’s investment management platform enables strong risk management

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Mitigate portfolio risk

Gain insight into active and passive breaches in order to ensure compliance with investment restrictions.

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Control firm-wide investment rules

Ensure proactive adherence to compliance guidelines by embedding client restrictions into the front-office investment process.

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Streamline updates to compliance

Update investment targets in real-time as required with new clients or market movements to easily scale with your firm.

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Assess operational risks

Monitor risk across the firm effectively with increased visibility and a streamlined process.

See how it works

Embed compliance into the front-office investment process to minimize risk

  • Monitor pre- and post-trade compliance with dynamic dashboards that identify portfolios with passive or active compliance breaches to take appropriate action.
  • Codify portfolio and security-level compliance restrictions across hundreds of analytics and data points to accurately capture client-specific guidelines and firm-wide targets.
  • Automate the input of compliance rules by integrating with external sources to enable a more scalable compliance solution.
  • Permission access and approval rights associated with creating and updating compliance rules ensures adjustments occur through authorized channels. 

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When you explore if IMTC is the right solution for your firm, our team takes a consultative approach to address your pain points. To get started, we will:

  1. Assess your needs to determine if our value meets them.
  2. Demonstrate solutions that address your pain points and support your workflows.
  3. Dive deeper into your needs to provide a report on opportunities for optimization.
  4. Discuss partnership opportunities.