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We deliver the technology.
You deliver the returns.

Make faster, more accurate decisions across fixed income portfolios with IMTC’s investment management system.

Overcome challenges

Implement optimal investment ideas, faster

Complex pre- and post-trade workflows often result in missed opportunities and at worst, mistakes. Bond investors all too often struggle with outdated, legacy technology due to its:

  • Lack of liquidity and data visibility
  • Siloed systems and workflows
  • Manual processes

See how you benefit

Personalize outcomes for clients based on your investment preferences

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Enhance investment decisions

Make more informed decisions and allocate trades across hundreds of portfolios, simultaneously.

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Manage portfolios proactively

Identify investment opportunities and reduce cash drag in customized, tax-efficient portfolio strategies.

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Mitigate risk

Adhere to compliance guidelines and investment targets pre-trade, while reducing errors, to minimize risks for your clients.

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Invest efficiently

Save time on managing SMAs, delivering models, maintaining bond ladders, and providing direct/custom indexing.

See how it works

An optimizer and portfolio management system unlike any other

Embed investment preferences into powerful decision-support tools on a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform.

  • Optimization: Align your portfolio management preferences to actionable outcomes with IMTC’s proprietary, flexible portfolio optimization engine
  • Allocation: Run user-defined, rule-based allocation protocols ranging from pro-rata to highly nuanced waterfall methodologies
  • Pre-trade compliance: Codify compliance rules, investment targets, and IPS to embed in all investment decisions pre-trade
  • Dashboards: Identify needs across accounts at the start of day with portfolio-level filtering on any data fields

Simplify workflows and manage investments across hundreds of accounts simultaneously.

  • Invest excess cash or raise cash
  • Tax-loss harvest
  • Construct & rebalance portfolios
  • Create generic orders, generate swaps & find matchers
  • Shift strategy or generate new proposal
  • Direct & custom indexing
  • LDI investing
  • Project & manage cashflows
  • Allocate new & secondary issues equitably

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Get started

Want to learn how IMTC helps your firm to outperform?

When you explore if IMTC is the right solution for your firm, our team takes a consultative approach to address your pain points. To get started, we will:

  1. Assess your needs to determine if our value meets them.
  2. Demonstrate solutions that address your pain points and support your workflows.
  3. Dive deeper into your needs to provide a report on opportunities for optimization.
  4. Discuss partnership opportunities.