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Investment technology designed for fixed income

We simplify fixed income portfolio management, helping you to outperform and establish a more proactive portfolio management framework. Our cloud-based investment management system allows you to invest faster, and more accurately, than ever before.

Ditch manual investment efforts. Automation has arrived.

Investment management is rapidly evolving. The industry is increasingly focused on SMAs and model portfolios and strategies just as clients are actively asking for more tailored solutions. Legacy technology fails to meet these customization needs, as managers are often stuck making decisions one account at a time. With client requests pouring in, and compliance rules or strategies to consider for each account, you need the ability to customize at scale.

Imagine a simpler, more proactive way to manage fixed income assets with enhanced visibility across accounts so you can construct, optimize, and rebalance portfolios with ease.

We are technologists at heart

Our founders are entrepreneurs who are passionate about building next-gen technology. Their background in consulting ensures we’re not just looking to improve your processes by 10%, but to 10x your productivity. They joined forces with leaders who have felt the pain of manual fixed income investment processes firsthand and created IMTC. As a result, the team brought a cutting-edge solution to fixed income managers.

Erik Zoega, Russ Feldman, Casper Stromfeldt

Technology solutions that deliver results

We serve investment firms looking to grow their fixed income businesses by enabling meaningful customization and automating manual workflows. We help our clients offer more for their clients – that means lowering account minimums, launching new products, personalizing strategies, and delivering better results.

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Enhance investment decisions

Gain the visibility to make precise allocation decisions while optimizing hundreds of portfolios simultaneously.

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Grow AUM

Amplify efficiency to expand the customized solutions you are able to offer to clients, without adding headcount.

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Mitigate risk

Access a cloud-based system incorporating functionality that serves front-, middle-, and back-office personnel mitigating portfolio-specific and firm-wide risks.

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Boost client satisfaction

Launch new products and deliver customized solutions for clients at scale.