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IMTC is a Finalist in the 2024 Wealthies Awards for Direct Indexing has named IMTC as a finalist for Direct Indexing Technology in its Wealthies Industry Awards. Winners will be announced on September 5th.

IMTC is a Finalist in the 2024 Wealthies Awards for Direct Indexing has named IMTC as a finalist for Direct Indexing Technology in its Wealthies Industry Awards. Winners will be announced on September 5th.
2024 Industry Award Finalist

June 17, 2024

Our team is thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as a Finalist in the Wealthies awards this year! IMTC has been selected as a Finalist for Direct Indexing alongside 4 other providers. The Direct Indexing award recognizes a platform/product that enhances advisors’ ability to personalize portfolios through direct indexing for tax planning/harvesting, ESG constraints, concentrated position management, and similar.

We are grateful for the support and contributions of our clients and collaborators who helped make our finalist nomination possible. Congratulations to all other finalists!

“Now in its tenth year, this awards program has grown larger and more comprehensive and truly reflects the trends and currents moving the industry forward and empowering financial advisors.”

David Armstrong, executive director of content and user engagement for Informa Connect’s Wealth Management Group

See the full list of finalists here.

Why were we recognized?

IMTC’s fixed income direct indexing capability allows wealth managers to create customized fixed income portfolios for their clients based on specific criteria. Direct indexing historically has been very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in fixed income due to the sheer number of bonds. However, IMTC enables PMs to set characteristics and investment targets (including ones relative to an index) which are then automatically accounted for on any investment decision. The ability to invest cash or tax loss harvest across thousands of accounts simultaneously, while adhering to these compliance rules, is what truly drives value when using IMTC. While some of the functionality for IMTC has existed prior, the ability to set compliance rules relative to an index means true direct indexing is now available.

IMTC’s fixed income direct indexing capability has had a profound impact on the wealth management community, revolutionizing the way fixed income portfolios are managed and enhancing advisors’ ability to deliver tailored and tax-efficient investment solutions to their clients. In fixed income, direct indexing needs to be characteristic-based investments, rather than specific securities; IMTC’s platform enables portfolio managers to remain in line with these characteristics for each portfolio. Firms are able to grow assets under management and accounts managed, while keeping the same headcount; many firms have also been able to launch new offerings as a result of IMTC’s technology.   

IMTC enables exceptional improvements in efficiencies and scale:

  • Clients can offer fixed income direct indexing when they previously couldn’t
  • 90% of clients offer increased customization within 6 months of using IMTC
  • 94% of clients can scale fixed income management with the average client seeing a 180% improvement
  • Clients experience a 90% improvement in ability to manage multiple accounts at one time with 78% of clients able to increase the number of portfolios managed by one person

Brent Sullivan ( has included IMTC as one of the key players in Fixed Income SMAs and Direct Indexing on his market map.

Explore how IMTC helps fixed income investors to direct index. Talk to our team to learn more.

More about the Wealthies Awards

Now in its tenth year, the “Wealthies” is the only awards program of its kind to celebrate the companies, individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding achievement in support of financial advisor success.

Led by’s David Armstrong, a panel of independent judges made up of top names in the industry will determine finalists and winners of the awards, which each year recognize the firms and individuals who are bringing new innovations to market that make a real difference to the daily activities of financial advisors. 

A record-breaking number of nominations was submitted for the 10th Annual Industry Awards—over 1,000 entries were received from more than 400 companies. Two-hundred-eighty-seven organizations were selected as finalists in one or more of the firm or individual categories in this year’s awards program.

“We want to put a spotlight on the best work being done across the wealth management ecosystem to help financial advisors build better businesses and ultimately create better outcomes for their clients. The judges are not looking at the merits of the companies themselves, rather they are evaluating the most recent work these companies have done, work that advisors use to secure and enhance the financial future for millions of end clients, and empowers them to live the lives they want.”

David Armstrong

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