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Fixed Income Portfolio
Management Software

Revolutionize how you construct and optimize portfolios to generate ideas, rebalance allocations, and create customized solutions at scale.

Embed investment preferences into powerful decision support tools

Make faster, more accurate decisions due to increased transparency in fixed income workflows resulting from automation of tedious processes that inhibit performance.

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Identify accounts that need attention

Optimize portfolios icon

Optimize portfolio construction & rebalancing

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Find best-fit bonds to satisfy client needs

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Visualize pre- and post-trade impact

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Ensure optimal allocations across accounts

Align investment preferences to actionable outcomes with IMTC’s Optimizer

IMTC’s proprietary optimization engine is a decision support tool to assist you in making optimal investment decisions, 450x faster.

Most optimizers fall short in building an optimal portfolio: only allocating bonds or maximizing a single factor like yield. Worse are solutions that lack transparency into results.

IMTC’s platform is unique in how it considers client and portfolio manager preferences, aligning outcomes with your portfolio management style while fully maintaining compliance every step of the way.

The result? You can act quicker on optimal bonds for your portfolios, including the ability to:

  • View best-fit buys and sells across hundreds of portfolios
  • Codify in your investment strategies, IPS, and compliance rules
  • Match fixed income portfolio needs with live market inventory

Leverage bespoke allocation methodologies

Generate equitable bond allocations across all accounts simultaneously in new issue and secondary markets. IMTC’s Allocation tool brings precision and fairness to your investment process with rule-based allocation protocols, including pro-rata and customizable waterfall approaches.

In seconds, determine which accounts are most in need of a bond and in what specific quantity all while adhering to portfolio strategy and targets, enabling you to take advantage of market shifts and client requirements.

Customize portfolios and manage investment guidelines at scale

Respect investment rules on a portfolio, strategy, or firm-wide level to safeguard portfolio positioning all while ensuring adherence to compliance and guidelines.

Manage client-specific guidelines and IPS with ease so you can:

  • Mitigate potential risks with automatic pre-trade compliance checks
  • Offer new products with the ability to deliver highly customized models, strategies, and direct indexing
  • Tailor portfolios to account for ESG, values-based investments, or other client requests
  • Instill positioning preferences by codifying exposures

“As we scale, we’re excited to have an algorithmic solution that allows for compliance and allocating large blocks of fixed income at a much faster rate. We can be more nimble in the bond market without the bottlenecks of manual processes, which ultimately increases overall client satisfaction.”

Eric Sample, Vice President at Reynders McVeigh Capital Management

Aggregate portfolio needs to start your day

Identify portfolios that need attention and aggregate those needs to prioritize a proactive strategy at the start of each day.

  • Filter portfolios for real-time cash balances, compliance breaches, rating changes or investment target drift
  • Determine aggregated underweights versus targets for each portfolio and strategy to easily convey needs
  • Visualize upcoming cashflows, maturities, and coupon payments to enable proactive portfolio management

Easily perform what-if analysis

Understand the pre-trade impact of a potential trade to validate a scenario, fast. With the ability to gain high-level and in-depth analysis into potential trades across portfolios, portfolio managers can make more informed investment decisions.

  • Mockup orders to see the impact on analytics, restrictions, and investment targets
  • Visualize portfolio-level impacts with an enhanced dashboard
  • Drill down into scenario metrics and compliance with detailed delta metrics

Model cash flows to better fulfill client requests

Manage cash more effectively with the ability to view short- and long-term cash flows along with ad hoc cash requests from clients. Model withdrawals or contributions to see the impact by month or year and more effectively monitor portfolio needs. This highly intuitive workflow allows you to be more proactive about upcoming requests and available cash.

Pitch to prospects with portfolio comparison tools

Demonstrating potential changes to portfolios is critical in pitching new clients or executing a strategy shift for existing clients.

  • Upload prospective client portfolios to the platform without impacting total holdings at the firm
  • Construct mock portfolios using the full suite of portfolio tools leveraging available inventory and compliance for preferred positioning
  • Create sleek, white-labeled reports to compare multiple portfolios for clients and prospects

Get started

Want to learn how IMTC helps your firm to outperform?

When you explore if IMTC is the right solution for your firm, our team takes a consultative approach to address your pain points. To get started, we will:

  1. Assess your needs to determine if our value meets them.
  2. Demonstrate solutions that address your pain points and support your workflows.
  3. Dive deeper into your needs to provide a report on opportunities for optimization.
  4. Discuss partnership opportunities.