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Fixed Income Market Data & Analytics

Reimagine how you digest market data and research securities with streamlined analytics built to deliver market-leading insights and power better investment decisions.

View interactive dashboards with curated data

Optimize the visibility of your investment management workflows with an intuitive, sleek, and modern interface.

  • Process significant volumes of data and analytics easily with aggregated dashboards designed by and for fixed income investors.
  • Simplify portfolio management and analysis with user-friendly filtering, field selection, and sorting across accounts.
IMTC's market data and analytics screens

Analyze bonds with advanced fixed income analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to assist with relative value analysis across multiple securities.

Determine future cash flows and risks with option-adjusted spread, duration, and other metrics.

Access comprehensive security masters

Gain insight into fixed income securities to assess bond valuations and fit for portfolios, faster.

  • Visualize quantitative information on securities by combining integrated data and calculations, including terms & conditions, yields, and more.
  • Digest extensive analytics in a clear, summarized format on a single screen that contains over 250+ fields.

Perform relative value analysis

Conduct granular security- and issuer-level due diligence, bringing key information together for stronger investment decisions.

Identify comparable securities to inform pricing strategies and complete relative value analysis.

Develop shared
buy lists

Curate watchlists of approved names or available inventory to make faster investment decisions amongst team members.

  • Incorporate market data and live quotes into buy lists for better insight into a bond’s fit in a portfolio.
  • Optimize portfolios based on an investment objective using buy lists developed from recently traded bonds, available inventory from brokers, or approved name lists.

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Want to learn how IMTC helps your firm to outperform?

When you explore if IMTC is the right solution for your firm, our team takes a consultative approach to address your pain points. To get started, we will:

  1. Assess your needs to determine if our value meets them.
  2. Demonstrate solutions that address your pain points and support your workflows.
  3. Dive deeper into your needs to provide a report on opportunities for optimization.
  4. Discuss partnership opportunities.