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IMTC Finalist in 2022 Wealthies Awards for Rebalancing Technology’s Industry Awards recognizes IMTC as a finalist for Rebalancing Technology. Winners will be announced on September 8th.

IMTC Finalist in 2022 Wealthies Awards for Rebalancing Technology’s Industry Awards recognizes IMTC as a finalist for Rebalancing Technology. Winners will be announced on September 8th.
WealthManagement Industry Awards Finalist

June 9, 2022

Our team is thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as a Finalist in the Wealthies awards! IMTC has been selected as a Finalist for Rebalancing Technology alongside 4 other providers. The Rebalancing award recognizes a new product or platform, or an enhancement to an existing product or platform, that enhances advisors’ ability to efficiently rebalance portfolios.

We are grateful for the support and contributions of our clients and collaborators who helped make our finalist nomination possible. Congratulations to all other finalists!

“I was blown away by the breadth and depth of impactful companies and talented leaders in our industry. I enjoyed getting an up close look and having the opportunity to honor those who are moving us forward.”

judge Toussaint Bailey, founder and CEO of Uplifting Capital

See the full list of finalists here.

Why were we recognized?

IMTC brings much-needed innovation to a space that has historically lagged from a technology standpoint; current technology is old and clunky, which at best results in missed opportunities and at worst results in costly mistakes. Our technology is fundamentally changing the way asset and wealth management firms manage clients’ fixed income assets; it streamlines manual fixed income investment processes with the unique ability to take action across hundreds of portfolios at one time, enabling customization at scale.

For wealth managers, rebalancing is often a tedious process to address account-by-account. However, to scale business, portfolio managers need a way to automate this process, reducing the manual aspects. IMTC aims to ease the rebalancing process by enabling PMs to easily identify accounts that need rebalancing and directing managers to the best fit bonds (that are available in the market). The visibility into accounts and recommendations can be done across up to 200 accounts at one time, meaning portfolio managers can dramatically increase the number of accounts they rebalance at one time.

Our cloud-based investment management platform helps PMs efficiently and optimally rebalance fixed income portfolios to accommodate clients’ varied risk tolerances. Our system alerts managers as portfolios drift and investments come due on both account and portfolio levels. After using our platform to realign portfolios with top-of-house positioning and clients’ unique preferences, the advisor then can adjust the proposed transactions with our customizable Allocation module. The Targets module allows users to see where accounts fall across the curve, indicating where to rebalance. In addition, IMTC’s Optimizer then suggests buys/sells aligned to investment priorities and criteria with the ability to specify acceptable duration, maturity, yield curves, and more. The platform also embeds compliance guidelines, so the Optimizer only suggests bonds aligned with these restrictions to balance portfolios.

IMTC’s clients have found a significant reduction in the amount of time required to rebalance fixed income accounts. One RIA spent 8 hours to rebalance his 50 accounts each time and was able to reduce that to under 30 seconds after implementing IMTC’s investment management system. The team now has a holistic view of clients’ fixed income allocations, can quickly identify accounts that need rebalancing, and optimize trades across sleeves and strategies. The firm was also able to keep accounts in compliance more effectively.

IMTC offers clients a significant time savings in managing accounts, thereby increasing the capacity of what they can offer. This means they can serve clients better (for example, one client has started tax loss harvesting throughout the year instead of just once at the end of the year) and/or serve more clients (some clients have lowered their account minimums in order to grow because they need less time to manage each account). Results include:

  • Enable optimal portfolio positioning to improve client outcomes
  • Offer bespoke solutions to clients and launch new products, increasing revenues
  • Grow assets under management by lowering account minimums
  • Bring money management in house instead of using an outsourced manager
  • Avoid costly mistakes by standardizing processes, and codification of investment guidelines and compliance rules

Explore how IMTC helps fixed income investors to rebalance across accounts simultaneously. Talk to our team to learn more.

More about the awards

The Wealthies are annual awards that honor organizations and companies that help financial advisors build better businesses and create better outcomes for their clients and are in their 8th year of doing the awards. This year, they had a record number of nominations that included 1,000 entries from over 350 companies, with over 165 submitting nominations for the first time.

“The record-setting participation in our industry awards this year is a testament to the value firms continue to place in the Wealthies as their best opportunity of the year to enhance their reputation, increase their brand awareness and set their organization apart from the competition.”

William O’Conor, managing director of

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