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Information overload is a problem. Particularly for portfolio managers who need to stay on top of markets and investment trends. IMTC’s weekly insights provide you the key analytics and summaries so you can quickly get a pulse on the fixed income markets. We do the hard work of tracking data over time so you don’t have to.

Our Fixed Income Brief arrives on Sunday, so you’re ready to go for the week. Gain insight into:

  • Macroeconomic summaries that are of importance to bond investors
  • Yield curves and trends across sectors
  • Changes in spreads and ratings across investment grade, high yield, and muni markets


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IMTC aggregates bond data from our NOVA platform over time to provide the key insight into deltas and trends. We only include the most relevant analytics for you and provide concise summaries to easily digest the data. Our team includes former fixed income portfolio managers at leading firms to give you the best weekly summary.