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The Future of Fixed Income Technology

Our new report discusses why embracing new technology is critical to staying relevant in fixed income investment management.  Download the report to learn:

  • Why fixed income managers are investing in new technology today and its impact on firm growth
  • How portfolio managers are improving their ability to make fast, accurate investment decisions 
  • What firms are considering when assessing investment management systems

Learn how technology can revolutionize fixed income investment managers.

Fixed income investment technology hasn’t seen real change in over two decades, and many investment managers are wary of digitalizing their processes, much to their detriment.

The days of manual, time-consuming portfolio management have given way to new technologies. Software produced by legacy platform providers have failed to meet investment managers’ needs with rigid architecture and development models, complicating what should otherwise be simple, automated processes.

The result: at a minimum, fixed income asset managers are missing out on opportunities. Most likely, they are making costly mistakes.

This guide explains why fixed income asset and wealth managers need innovative technology to stay competitive and defines key considerations in making technology choices.

The Future of Fixed Income Tech report cover
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About IMTC

IMTC is a SaaS-based enterprise fintech provider that is fundamentally changing the way asset and wealth management firms manage fixed income assets for their clients. IMTC’s cloud-based investment management system (IMS) optimizes portfolios with a speed and accuracy that’s never been possible before, leading to improved performance and lower costs. IMTC has a global presence, with headquarters in New York City. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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