Product Update

Release Notes: Enhance Visibility into Portfolio Optimizations with Targets and Buy Lists

Explore IMTC's latest product enhancements including targets and buy lists, both of which help provide increased insights in portfolio optimization.

Start your day with an aggregated view of your needs across the curve

Do you know your aggregated over- and under-weights across all accounts? Often times it takes portfolio managers too much time to identify the portfolios that require attention when they could be analyzing investment decisions that will drive performance for their clients. IMTC’s new release enables users to immediately understand their needs within each customized duration bucket across individual sectors and the overall portfolio. PMs are then able to convey their needs more easily to the sell-side coverage.

Using Targets, you can:

  • Set upper and lower bounds for bespoke duration buckets to align with unique portfolio strategies.

  • View individual and aggregate portfolio needs as a dollar amount and percentage versus overall duration target and sector-specific duration targets.

  • Run what-if scenarios with portfolios in need of investment in a specific duration bucket to move them back in line with target ranges.

Enhance portfolio optimizations with market inventory

Align your portfolio optimization process with inventory that’s available in the market. Portfolio managers can improve the speed and efficacy of decisions with an optimization algorithm that recommends buys and sells based off live bids and asks. The IMTC Buy List functionality allows managers to run optimizations with confidence, knowing the results are available in the market, enabling a more streamlined investment workflow.

Using Buy Lists, you can:

  • Import or manually input offer quantities and prices for securities offered by dealers.

  • See accurate buy and sell recommendations in portfolio optimization using available inventory based on live offer information for each security.

  • Reduce steps in the investment process and eliminate timely reconciliation processes with a more efficient optimization workflow.

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