Press Release

IMTC Launches New Weekly Must-Read Insights for Fixed Income Portfolio Managers

The Fixed Income Brief informs portfolio managers of bond market highlights. IMTC's new weekly digest provides key information on bond market yields, spreads, ratings changes, and economic activity.

What is The Fixed Income Brief?

IMTC is proud to launch a new market summary specifically for fixed income investors, The Fixed Income Brief. This weekly newsletter provides key insights for buy-side bond managers in an easy-to-digest format at the beginning of each week. The email subscription provides a high-level overview of the economy and changes in spreads, yields, and ratings. Sign up here to subscribe to this free email.

“As a portfolio manager, this is the email I needed each week to effectively track trends in the fixed income markets,” reported Kevin Bliss, Senior Product Manager at IMTC.

How does it help fixed income investors?

The Fixed Income Brief was developed by two fixed income industry experts, Kevin Bliss and Patrick Duffner. By parsing through the extensive data that the IMTC platform offers, the team aggregates the most relevant and insightful analytics, statistics, and charts for bond investors. Duffner and Bliss track week-over-week trends and deltas, including:

  • Treasury, agency, investment grade, high yield, and muni yields

  • Bond spreads and historical analysis by rating and sector

  • CDX and iTraxx spreads and historical analysis

  • S&P rating changes

  • Macroeconomic events and indicators affecting the fixed income market

Duffner, Senior Sales Lead at IMTC, states, “We saw a lack in the market of aggregated insights that are so necessary for fixed income investors. Information overload is a problem; we make it quick and easy to see the deltas in the bond market.”

How can I access the bond market newsletter?

This new service is available for free. Anyone who would like to subscribe to The Fixed Income Brief can submit their corporate email. Additionally, the weekly posts are accessible via IMTC website’s News & Insights section.

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