Cloud Technology Enables Buy-Side Firms to Be Resilient and Productive

Resistance in the midst of uncertainty is challenge for any organization. As buy-side firms adapt to remote working, those who use cloud technology reap the benefits of added mobility, collaboration, and firm-wide efficiencies. In an interview with Trader TV, Russell Feldman, COO of IMTC, discusses the challenges buy-side firms have with remaining productive during the coronavirus quarantine.

Investment firms have not traditionally embraced remote working for a variety of reasons. Portfolio managers and traders benefit from the in-person collaboration and discussions that occur when sitting next to each other, particularly in volatile markets.

As many across the world are embracing social distancing, remote working has been imposed on these firms. Not surprisingly, companies that have invested in cloud-based technology are best positioned to effectively transition to this new normal. Whether or not remote working will become more prevalent post-quarantine, buy-side firms that adapt to new technologies will remain more resilient amidst any type of volatility.

In this interview with Trader TV, Russell Feldman discusses how traders and portfolio managers are operating remotely and the benefits cloud technology provides to buy-side firms.

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