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IMTC Wins Best OMS from in 2022

IMTC has been named Order Management System Provider of the Year by's Markets Technology Awards 2022.

IMTC Wins Best OMS from in 2022

IMTC has been named Order Management System Provider of the Year by’s Markets Technology Awards 2022.
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February 22, 2022

IMTC is thrilled to announce that our investment management platform has been named Order Management System (OMS) Provider of the Year by in 2022! The awards recognize and reward excellence in markets technology as a subset of the risk transfer market’s most prestigious awards, the Risk Awards 2022.

We are grateful for the support and contributions of our clients and collaborators who helped make our recognition possible. Congratulations to all who were awarded!

“Now the technology has caught up to deliver customisation and deliver it in a reasonable way. We are using devops to reduce the amount of waste when it comes to development time. So, I think that allows us to put out an offering that is incredibly efficient, but not overwhelming for the user.”

Russell Feldman, IMTC COO

Read more about the 2022 Markets Technology Award winners here.

Why were we recognized?

IMTC brings much-needed innovation to a space that has historically lagged from a technology standpoint; current technology is old and clunky, which at best results in missed opportunities and at worst results in costly mistakes. Our technology is fundamentally changing the way asset and wealth management firms manage clients’ fixed income assets; it streamlines manual fixed income investment processes with the unique ability to take action across hundreds of portfolios at one time, enabling customization at scale.

IMTC’s order management system module transitions clients from idea generation up to execution and improves transparency across the organization. We provide custodial integrations for straight-through processing, mitigating the risks caused by fragmented software. Direct connection to OMSs ensures the front- and back-office are accessing the same reporting and working off real-time data, removing the need for manual reconciliation.

At large, IMTC’s investment management system (IMS) optimizes portfolios with a speed and accuracy that’s never been possible before, including that it:

  • enhances portfolio managers’ ability to make stronger, more accurate investment decisions 450x faster than other solutions in the market.
  • automates manual aspects of the investor workflow to avoid human error, reduce costs, and save up to 90% of time according to one client.
  • interconnects all data and systems into one place with integrations into a robust list 3rd party or proprietary systems.

In streamlining fixed income workflows, firms can lower account minimums, grow assets, and customize strategies at scale all without adding additional headcount. Further, firms can lower costs and minimize risks.

IMTC helps fixed income investors to identify accounts needing attention, assess pre-trade compliance, and allocate bonds across accounts, simultaneously. Learn how you can manage a large number of accounts more effectively.

More about the recognition

The Markets Technology Awards, part of the Risk Awards, brings together a complete cross-section of the market: alongside technology vendors are sell-side sales people and traders, buy-side portfolio and risk managers, quants, exchanges, trading platforms and clearing houses, law firms and more – recognizing their achievements, and those of the industry as a whole.

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