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Release Notes: Streamline Workflows with Allocation Tools, New Integrations, and Reporting

Explore IMTC's latest product enhancements including waterfall allocation, integrations for portfolio and pricing data, customizable reporting, and multi-currency support.

Release Notes: Streamline Workflows with Allocation Tools, New Integrations, and Reporting

Explore IMTC’s latest product enhancements including waterfall allocation, integrations for portfolio and pricing data, customizable reporting, and multi-currency support.
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December 16, 2020

Allocate bonds more effectively with the waterfall methodology

Overcome one of the biggest issues facing fixed income managers, deciding how to allocate bonds across accounts. With increased scrutiny into how bonds are allocated, IMTC affords users the ability to use a waterfall methodology to assist with allocation. This enables users to equitably distribute bonds across portfolios.

Using the waterfall allocation methodology, you can:

  • Allocate bonds using a rules-based function by setting weights across different metrics that factor into how bonds are allocated.
  • Define multiple waterfall criteria for ranking priority using pre-defined logic to ensure allocations are fair and can be monitored by compliance.
  • Adhere to compliance restrictions and investment targets as rules are embedded into allocation methodology.

Want to learn more about how our allocation process helps you? Read our blog on allocating across accounts efficiently.

Straight-through processing with new custodial integrations via Fidelity & Charles Schwab

Manage your fixed income portfolios more effectively by integrating your daily portfolio information into IMTC’s investment management platform. Straight-through processing in conjunction with best-in-breed portfolio management tools enables you to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Using Fidelity or Schwab custodian integrations, you can:

  • Access clean, accurate holdings data and easily track the status of trades and positions in real time providing a deeper look into the portfolio and risk exposures to make investment decisions with confidence.
  • Reduce errors in the investment process with a more efficient transfer of portfolio data, eliminating the need for manual uploads and streamlining the investment lifecycle processes.

Say goodbye to old-school reporting

Provide high quality and customized reports for your clients that showcase a compelling investment story. Save time on reporting by eliminating the heavy lift required to produce internal and external presentation materials.

Using our new custom reporting solution, you can:

  • Build bespoke reports on the fly for in-depth client meetings, high-level updates, and rebalancing proposals.
  • Generate reports for internal portfolio reviews, compliance monitoring, and risk modeling without time-consuming and mundane Excel-based work arounds.
  • Access critical analytics including risk and return metrics, historical market values, cash flows, sector and rating exposures, and performance across multiple time frames.
  • White label the reports with customizable branding by adding logos, graphics, and color schemes to best represent your company. Reports are delivered in a ready-to-print PDF.

Access reference and pricing data from the source of your choice

Use any data source for pricing and reference data, including existing vendor relationships or proprietary databases. Access data from Bloomberg, ICE, or other providers to populate portfolio information and security masters in IMTC’s investment management system.

With the ability to integrate any data, you can:

  • View data from your preferred providers in one platform to ensure consistent prices and security details for bonds in client portfolios.

Multi-currency support on IMTC

Manage bonds across the globe as the universe of supported securities has grown beyond the U.S. market to support any foreign currency of your choosing.

With international securities available, you can:

  • Access pricing and reference data for fixed income securities across the globe.
  • View both local and reporting currency values for securities.

For information on IMTC’s investment management platform, please contact Russell Feldman at

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