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Goelzer Investment Management: A Rare Gem in their Dedication to Community Service

Since its inception, Goelzer has embedded charity and community service into its culture. Our team is lucky to call this inspiring, 35+ person firm a client!

Goelzer Investment Management: A Rare Gem in their Dedication to Community Service

Since its inception, Goelzer has embedded charity and community service into its culture. Our team is lucky to call this inspiring, 35+ person firm a client!
Goelzer Investment Mgmt team at charity initiative

October 25, 2022

 Many firms over the past few years have boosted their charity initiatives or have simply focused on self-promoting their efforts. However, there are a few companies that have embodied the belief of giving back to their communities for years. One of those firms is Goelzer Investment Management, located in Indianapolis, who we’re lucky to call a client. Since its inception in 1969, community enrichment was a core part of the founder, Don Goelzer’s, mission. The firm has had a strong commitment to raising money, donating funds, volunteering time, and supporting non-profit organizations strategically. Every single team member participates in the extensive opportunities to be philanthropic with 100% team participation in 2021, and the firm has had 100% team participation in its United Way Campaign every year since 2014.

Goelzer’s core purpose: Enriching the lives of clients, colleagues, and community

The list of charities and events the Goelzer team has worked with in the past year alone is extensive and wide ranging; their goal is to enrich the local community around them and live a fuller life. They want to make communities more vibrant, help people out of poverty, and support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Team members are even given 2 full days each year to volunteer their time to these initiatives.

For a team of 35, the extent of charity is astounding. Their entire leadership team serves on at least one non-profit board, with the whole team serving on 17 non-profit boards in 2021. In 2021, the firm made financial donations to 43 different organizations.

Since 2000, Goelzer has supported 271 different community organizations and donated $1.3million.

The Million Meals Campaign

One massive initiative Goelzer undertook is with Gleaner Food Bank of Indiana. In 2016, the firm pledged to donate a million meals over 10 years (‘Million Meals Campaign’). In 2020, the firm had already donated 530,000 meals – on track to hit their goals by 2026 – however, given the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm decided to boost their efforts. The team ended up fulfilling their pledge 6 years early. Many members of the team continued donating and committing time to the organization since then as well.

Highlights of organizations the team supports

The list of charities they support is too long to list, but in 2021, supported 43 different organizations. It’s important for the team to not just donate money or raise funds, but to provide their time to do good in the community. The firm has an annual commitment to the United Way of Central Indiana with full participation from their team every year over the past 8 years.

Here are some organizations they’ve attended events or volunteered for recently:

  • The Caring Place (domestic violence and sexual assault victims)
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana (children in medical care)
  • UWCI’s Go All In Day (packed school supplies for children attending camps)
  • Firefly Children and Family Alliance (overcome hardship and unhealthy behaviors)
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnerships (affordable housing)
  • Strawberry Festival organized by the Cathedral Women of Christ Church Cathedral (support not-for-profit outreach groups)
  • Camptown Inc (helping youth)
  • College Mentors for Kids (mentoring)

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Goelzer has also focused on advocacy for positive change and engaged on issues in which they felt they could make a real contribution – in 2021, focusing on Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and ESG issues. The team has two main programs they focus on to support these initiatives. They partner with the Collaborative Women in Investment Management (WIM) team to empower female professionals across the finance industry. They also participate in a corporate work-study program with Providence Cristo Rey High School to provide mentoring and internships to under-privileged students, in which a majority are minorities.

In conclusion, Goelzer has a deep-rooted commitment to community

The Goelzer team put together a report last year that details their involvement in the community since 2000. Read more about their community service initiatives here.
More than any organization, Goelzer has deep-rooted commitments to improving the community around them in Indianapolis. They are often recognized for their work such as the company being named as a Best Place to Work in Indiana for 7 of the past 8 years and top 75 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisors in 2022, showing their dedication and fulfillment of the team.

When you speak to the team at Goelzer, you realize the passion and commitment to giving back is deeply embedded into the DNA of their organization and has been since the firm was founded by Don Goelzer. He had a true belief in enriching the lives of not only their clients, but also their colleagues and communities.

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