Portfolio optimization software designed for fixed income managers.

You need to make strong investment decisions on your portfolios, quickly. Proactively manage and enhance performance across all your fixed income accounts with IMTC’s portfolio optimization tools.

Portfolio optimization software to make more precise decisions, at scale.

We help you manage your portfolios by connecting people, processes, and data to streamline fixed income investing workflows. It’s difficult to outperform the market when time is lost managing portfolios ineffectively.

In particular, many bond managers struggle when key portfolio data is inaccurate or exists in different systems, when bandwidth is limited to make granular, accurate decisions across client portfolios, and when the analytics and insights needed to identify risks and opportunities are hard to obtain.

Explore how IMTC helps investment managers to optimize portfolios. Read our blog on fixed income portfolio optimization.

Streamline fixed income workflows to help generate alpha.


The IMTC investment management platform provides tangible portfolio optimization recommendations at scale. Gain more visibility into your entire investment process with:

  • Optimization recommendations: Generate CUSIP-level buy and sell recommendations across multiple accounts, simultaneously.
  • Compliance adherence: Embed account-specific compliance rules and strategy-specific targets into the optimization process, improving your ability to adhere to investment guidelines.
  • Scenario analysis: Run what-if analysis to assess the pre- and post-trade portfolio impact for more informed decisions.

IMTC’s investment management technology helps you to:

Enhance investment decisions: Gain visibility to make more informed investment decisions and better allocate trades across hundreds of portfolios.

Manage portfolios proactively: Identify investment opportunities and reduce cash drag in customized portfolio strategies to unlock greater value for your clients.

Mitigate risk: Ensure adherence to compliance guidelines and investment targets to minimize risks for your clients and your business.

Invest efficiently: Save time in your investment process by consolidating insights and creating cross-team alignment to eliminate unproductive processes.

IMTC is the future of fixed income technology.

Fixed income hasn’t seen the same degree of technology innovation as other investment areas; we designed IMTC for fixed income investors and to empower you to make the best decisions. You need to make decisions quickly, but visibility into the right data and the capacity to effectively do so hinder you. IMTC removes the barriers in the investment process.

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