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IMTC transforms your fixed income portfolio management

IMTC clients are fundamentally changing the way they are managing fixed income accounts, specifically with separately managed accounts (SMAs). Our solutions enable firms to achieve the following outcomes:

Outcomes - Customization at scale

Customization at scale

Outcomes - Modernized tech stack

Modernized tech stack

Outcomes - Launch new products

Launch new products

We are very pleased with IMTC’s technology. It allows us to more effectively manage client bond portfolios and enables us to deliver increased customization and improved outcomes for clients.

– Richard Saperstein, Chief Investment Officer, Treasury Partners

Replace Excel with next-gen technology in your investment workflows

Make faster, more accurate decisions with the ability to manage across multiple accounts simultaneously. IMTC’s technology enables to you take action; eliminate the need for Excel to identify accounts, make investment decisions, manage investment rules, or allocate trades.

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Align your portfolio management preferences to actionable outcomes with IMTC’s proprietary, flexible portfolio optimization engine

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Run user-defined, rule-based allocation protocols ranging from pro-rata to highly nuanced waterfall methodologies

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Pre-trade compliance

Codify compliance rules, investment targets, and IPS to embed in all investment decisions pre-trade

Solutions - Manage portfolios


Identify needs across accounts at the start of day with portfolio-level filtering on any data fields

Learn how IMTC clients are using our technology

Matt Trachy, LMCG Interview
Play Video about Matt Trachy, LMCG Interview

Matt Trachy of LMCG Investments shares how the platform has enabled their firm to grow at scale and dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage fixed income accounts.

Craig Maschmeyer, Goelzer, interview thumbnail
Play Video about Craig Maschmeyer, Goelzer, interview thumbnail

Craig Maschmeyer, associate portfolio manager at Goelzer Investment Management, shares how his firm uses IMTC to optimize portfolios more effectively.

See the benefits our clients experience

IMTC technology helps firms to manage fixed income accounts with a speed and accuracy never before possible, bringing automation and efficiency to your fixed income account management.


Reduce time spent allocating trades by over 80%

2 mins

Optimize 50 portfolios in 2 minutes


Invest fixed income accounts 450x faster than before


Reduce compliance burden by 90%


Eliminate 70% of manual work in making investment decisions