CBXmarket Is Now IMTC

IMTC (Investment Management Technology Corporation) is transforming investment management for fixed income through our innovative technology solutions.

Why the name change?

We began our journey by providing portfolio management tools that support the corporate bond market. Over the last 4 years, our client base and team have grown and so too have our ambitions. We now cover the entire US and international bond markets and, over the next 12-24 months, will begin adding inNOVAtive analytics and tools that support other asset classes.

Currently, we aspire to be the most compelling investment management technology provider in the 21st century. There is no finish line on this journey, as we are committed to evolving our technology and plan to introduce innovations for the buy-side for decades to come.

Our technology has limitless potential, and our name should reflect that. Investment Management Technology Corporation (“IMTC”) demonstrates the breadth of our vision, and more clearly articulates our focus on driving impactful change across all assets classes throughout the investment management industry.

What We Do

IMTC’s NOVA platform provides buy-side investors with analytics and portfolio management solutions spanning the entire investment decision making process—from idea generation to trade implementation and everything in between. NOVA streamlines front-, middle- and back-office functions including portfolio construction and optimization, risk and compliance monitoring and reporting.

Our team combines industry expertise with expert developers to provide cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes optimization, automation, integration, and scalability.

Our client-centric approach to product development, incorporates a robust feedback loop to drive the development of new tools and resources.

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