IMTC is a “tech first” company. We foster a culture of out-of-the-box thinking where computer scientists, financial engineers and trained rocket scientists sit side by side to tackle the investment industry’s toughest problems.

IMTC was founded by Erik Zoega, Nicolai Graff Andersen and Christian Moller.
Our founders have worked together for over 20 years, pioneering technology enterprises across multiple industries.

Together, they founded cVation, a turnkey development incubator, in 2014. cVation employs a team of top-notch developers and data scientists who specialize in the development of cloud platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

IMTC was launched out of the cVation incubator. With the help of an advisory board consisting of investment industry experts and consultants, our developers began building out the IMTC platform. Two years later the sales effort was launched, and IMTC’s New York office was opened.

We strive to be the most compelling investment management technology provider of the 21st Century. We will accomplish this by forging cutting-edge technological solutions for the broadest possible swath of the institutional marketplace.

On a fundamental level, we are investors. Having become frustrated with the lack of transparency and poor data quality that is pervasive in certain asset classes, we decided to take matters into our own hands and solve these inefficiencies. By leveraging our expertise as technologists, mathematicians and financial engineers, we’ve designed sleek and intuitive offerings to reimagine the investment management industry.

We’re a “technology first” company. By this, we mean that innovation is the very backbone of our business. We’ve spent years collaborating with banks, asset managers, financial advisers and independent investors to transcend antiquated market structures, costly legacy systems and fragmented data.

Our lead cloud-computing technology helps arrange, analyze and augment substantial volumes of portfolio data more efficiently than ever before. As a result, firms now have unprecedented transparency into their portfolios which ensures confidence in their firm-wide investment management processes. We’re proudly continuing to change the culture of ambiguity that’s traditionally associated with the investment industry.

Maintaining a client-centric strategy is a core value of our company and crucial to our success moving forward. As such, user preferences and feedback are key drivers of the innovation and development of our platform. As needs change, we continue to innovate. And, while the platform is easy to learn on your own, we are available for 24-7 support. Above all, our laser focus on fixed income investing makes you the expert.