IMTC Interviews Leading Investment Professionals on Coronavirus

IMTC interviews leading investment and economic professionals for key insights into the coronavirus economy.

Coronavirus cases have surpassed 1 million worldwide and have hit 180 countries across 6 continents. While many remain in their homes concerned about public health, others are focused on the enormous impact this crisis continues to have on the global economy. IMTC's COO, Russell Feldman, interviewed some of the leading investment and economic professionals this week to share their knowledge and insights on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Forecasting impacts of the quarantine to society

Randy Brown is the Chief Investment Officer at Sun Life. He is quarantined at his home in Maine with his family. Brown discusses societal impacts of both the crisis on the economy, businesses, and working norms. See his full interview here >

Reacting to the effectiveness of Washington's policy response

Josh Feinman is the former Chief Economist for Deutsche Asset Management. He's quarantined with his wife and both daughters who came home to live with them for the time being. Feinman discusses his thoughts on the stimulus package and the Fed's response to alleviate economic issues. See his full interview here >

Understanding the metrics for an active investor

Gavin Stephens is a fixed income portfolio manager at Goelzer Investment Management. Gavin is quarantined with his wife and preschool-aged daughters, sharing a home office with his wife. He discusses the metrics he deems critical to understanding his actively managed bond portfolios. See his full interview here >

Adapting to technology to remain resilient

James Grady is a long-time fixed income investor currently managing assets at a top-notch insurance company. He's currently quarantined in his Fire Island home with his wife and two daughters, all of whom are finding unique ways to be productive. Grady provides us insight into how firms need to adapt and be agile, especially around technology, to successfully work remotely. See his full interview here >

Assessing potential geopolitical issues

Jack Loudon is macro specialist at a Swiss private bank with extensive experience in the markets. He's quarantined with his wife and twins in Switzerland and is finding it difficult to deal with a home office setup, specifically the systems. Jack discusses the potential geopolitical issues that could arise out of the coronavirus crisis. See his full interview here >