IMTC on Bond Buyer Podcast: Technology and Munis in the Time of COVID

IMTC’s Blake Lynch discusses the future of fixed income with Lynne Funk on Bond Buyer’s innovation podcast.

It’s no secret that business-as-usual is changing. Industries across the globe have had to adapt to new ways of working and learning how to be productive while working remotely. Blake Lynch participated on The Bond Buyer’s innovation podcast with host Lynne Funke discussing the future of fixed income and the muni market. Fixed income investment managers have been neglected in the technological renaissance of investment management. Blake delves into how FinTech is providing these opportunities for the municipal finance, fixed income market.

Listen to the podcast to hear Blake and Lynne discuss several areas, including:

  • How technology changing the fixed income space

  • How firms are adapting to the new work environment

  • If investments in technology means replacing people (hint: it’s not)

  • What are the 3 ways firms approach systems and technology

  • If technology will help bring transparency to fixed income

What is the future of fixed income technology?

Technology and Munis in the Time of COVID | Bond Buyer Podcast | Blake Lynch & Lynne Funk from IMTC on Vimeo.

In this environment, growth is critical to success, and if you are not growing, you may get gobbled up or left behind. With a decade-long bull market coming to an end, active managers will need to find more, innovative ways to generate alpha.

View the original podcast here: Bond Buyer Podcast

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