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Technology for the future of fixed income investment management

Accelerate your path to growth by connecting people, processes, and data to streamline fixed income investing workflows.

  • Accelerate your path to growth 
  • By connecting people, processes, and data
  • Streamline fixed income investing workflows

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IMTC's cloud-based investment management system enables action

As a firm experienced in agile development and creating innovative software, IMTC’s NOVA is designed to fit for purpose. Our technology aligns with the right objectives of your firm:

Strengthens strategic alignment across your firm

Integrating data and systems to align your entire front- to back-office reduces your risk from manual reconciliation processes.

Enhances decision making to drive performance

Equipping your investment and compliance teams with the visibility to proactively monitor and adhere to guidelines across portfolios mitigates both client-specific and firm-wide risk.

Ensures overall efficiency to drive growth

Increasing your investment team’s capacity to manage more through the automation of monitoring, data analysis, and reporting across multiple portfolios enables you to grow AUM.

Future-proof your fixed income shop with IMTC NOVA

Performance is everything for an investment management firm. While many firms have become accustomed to barriers that prohibit growth, our NOVA platform removes the barriers, enhancing their ability to perform. Don’t settle for the limited capacity of portfolio managers, lack of visibility of data, and fragmented systems and workflows. Learn how IMTC will enable you to:

Grow AUM
Portfolio managers (PM) have limited bandwidth to make the right allocation decisions across multiple portfolios, which limits the amount of assets they can effectively manage. NOVA’s interoperability and portfolio optimization and allocation tools provide increased visibility into holdings and insight across accounts, empowering PMs to effectively make customized and thoughtful decisions at scale. By increasing the capacity PMs can manage, firms are able to grow AUM without additional headcount.

Win new business
When presenting to prospective clients, portfolio managers lack the capacity and tools to put their best foot forward. Our slick portfolio comparison tool along with presentation-ready reporting means PMs can better demonstrate their expertise and professionalism, increasing the opportunity to win new business.

Minimize risk
Without a clear picture of the holdings and exposures across all accounts, investment teams could be taking on additional risk of which they’re unaware. Our compliance tool provides the visibility so investment and compliance teams can proactively adhere to investment guidelines across portfolios, reducing both client-centric and enterprise-wide risks.

Accelerate growth
Building, maintaining, and growing in-house software is difficult, needing continuous updates and improvement to handle functionality and scale, requiring in-house developers with enough expertise which is typically quite costly. Our cloud-based technology is easy to maintain and scale, eliminating tedious technology workflows and reducing the cost of development, and enabling your operations team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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