Investment management software, built by and for fixed income professionals

When performance is everything, you need to make strong investment decisions, quickly. Streamline your fixed income workflows and improve visibility across your accounts. Find out how.

IMTC’s cloud-based investment management system drives performance


We help you accelerate your path to growth by connecting people, processes, and data to streamline fixed income investing workflows. Our technology aligns with the right objectives of your firm:

  • Strengthens strategic alignment across your firm: Integrating data and systems increases your visibility into holdings, returns, and compliance guidelines, improving your ability mitigate risk.
  • Enhances decision making to drive performance: Your ability to analyze and make decisions across accounts is limited by your own bandwidth; having the right tools to optimize across accounts and allocate new trades helps you make more informed investment decisions.
  • Ensures overall efficiency to drive growth: Technology that automates your manual processes, such as reporting, means you can focus on what you really want to do – investing!


Invest in the future of fixed income technology


Fixed income hasn’t seen the same degree of technology innovation as other investment areas; we designed IMTC NOVA for fixed income investors and to empower you to make the best decisions. You need to make decisions quickly, but visibility into the right data and the capacity to effectively do so hinder you. IMTC removes the barriers in the investment process. Learn how IMTC will allow you to:

  • Enhance investment decisions: When a new issue comes to market, there’s limited time to determine quantities and allocations. Our optimizer and allocation tools reduce the time it takes to you to accurately determine new issue allocations across multiple portfolios, in accordance with strategic guidelines, yielding faster and more informed investment decisions.
  • Focus on proactive investment management: No one likes having data and analytics spread across different systems; we combine portfolio management, order management, compliance, risk, and reporting into one system with integrations into any other existing system. Our high level of interconnectedness across systems and data reduces the number of manual steps in your investment process, enabling you to make more informed decisions, at scale.
  • Minimize risk: Without a clear picture of the holdings and exposures across all accounts, you could be taking on additional risk. Our compliance tool provides the visibility so you can align with your compliance team and proactively adhere to investment guidelines across portfolios, reducing risk.


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