The cloud-based investment management system for fixed income managers

When performance is everything, you need to make strong investment decisions, quickly. Streamline your fixed income workflows and improve visibility across your accounts. Find out how.

Invest in the future of fixed income technology

Fixed income hasn’t seen the same degree of technology innovation as other investment areas; we designed IMTC for fixed income investors and to empower you to make the best decisions. You need to make decisions quickly, but visibility into the right data and the capacity to effectively do so hinder you. IMTC removes the barriers in the investment process.

See how you benefit

IMTC’s investment management platform streamlines workflows to help generate alpha


Enhance investment decisions

Gain visibility to make more informed investment decisions and better allocate trades across hundreds of portfolios.


Manage portfolios proactively

Identify investment opportunities and reduce cash drag in customized portfolio strategies to unlock greater value for your clients.


Mitigate risk

Ensure adherence to compliance guidelines and investment targets to minimize risks for your clients and your business.


Invest efficiently

Save time in your investment process by consolidating insights and creating cross-team alignment to eliminate unproductive processes.

See how it works

Experience a holistic and seamless fixed income investment process

Gain the visibility to make more informed investment decisions and mitigate risk.

  • Run user-defined, rule-based allocation protocols ranging from pro-rata to highly nuanced waterfall methodologies 
  • Mockup potential trades in our what-if analysis tool to easily view pre- and post-trade impacts on analytics and compliance 
  • Analyze risk and exposures with interest rate shock analysis and top-line and constituent level benchmark analytics integrated throughout the platform  
  • Obtain real-time insight into cash holdings, compliance, market data, and advanced fixed income analytics all on one integrated platform  

Save time to manage portfolios more proactively and offer customized investment strategies

  • Assign portfolio targets to ensure alignment across investment strategies 
  • Optimize hundreds of portfolios simultaneously to generate CUSIP-level buy and sell recommendations that account for targets, restrictions, and investment objectives across each account 
  • Create customized portfolio reports that display critical, client-specific information in real time 
  • Streamline your investment workflows with our end-to-end platform that automates manual processes giving you time to develop bespoke solutions for clients 

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